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      The Opening Line Newsletter

      The Opening Line 5/30


      Welcome to The Opening Line...



      A little late here, but c'mon it was Memorial Day Weekend



      Here's what's in the cards...



      -Tough Days Ahead for Degens

      -Comeback Ruined

      -DEN With the Easiest Road... EVER??



      But first the Vegas View...



      NHL: VGK slam the door shut on a potential DAL 4 game comeback as they win in easy fashion in game 6. They closed +110 making dogs 5-3 SU this round and 43-36 in the playoffs. O/U sitting dead even at 50% heading into the Stanley Cup Finals at 41-41-1. Zig-Zag is 39-30 overall on the ML.


      NBA:  BOS lays a massive egg, losing SU at home. Teams who have a 3-0 lead in a series improve to 151-0 all time. Dogs are hungrier in Conference Finals. Dogs went 10-1 ATS, and 7-4 SU. Favorites still leading overall ATS with a record of 44-35. Zig Zag improves to 36-29.


      MLB: Favs went 4-7 SU Monday, with the A's pulling off a huge +210 upset against ATL. Favorites are 463-338. O/U are now 397-382-30 after last night.




      Dog Days for Degens


      If you have been betting for 1 year+ now, you know tough sledding is ahead. The Playoffs are coming to an end, and football is still 2 months away. The good news is we still have 2 Majors, the Belmont, and plenty of MLB. Still, this is the time where the board looks more like a cheap Publix cheese board, and not a $100 overpriced charcuterie board your wife forces you to get...


      Bye Bye Boston?


      Boston did the hard part, but couldn't finish the drill. It's like finishing a school project that is a pain in the ass, and you still get a 0 because you forgot to put your name at the top. Out of the 150 series that started 0-3 only 3 started down 0-2 at home. The spot was doable and BOS looked like they were on the brink of sports history, but the moment was too big and the BOS Celtics turned into the BOS Chokers.



      Path of Least Resistance


      DEN will have the easiest road to becoming an NBA Champion EVER if they beat MIA. They have faced two 8 seeds (MIA/MINN), a 7 seed (LAL), and a 4 seed (PHX) for a combined total of 27. The previous easiest path was SAS in 1999. They had a combined number of 22



      The PGA Tour has played a combined 9 events that either have an elevated purse OR are a Major Championship. There are 3 players who gain OVER 2 Strokes per Road at these events so far. They are:


      Scottie Scheffler: 2.87

      Jon Rahm: 2.41

      Patrick Cantlay: 2.01


      Rahm has 3 wins at these events, Scottie has 2, and Patty has 0...






      How'd we do?


      Did you enjoy The Opening Line? Reply back to this email "good" "bad" or "ugly". Our discord link is below. If you like our content we would love to have you in the room. Good luck today.